My favourite places and routes

Bieszczady Mountains
Often called "the Polish Wild East"... After the WWII,
in 1947, native inhabitants (mostly Ukrainian minorities -
"Lemkos" and "Boykos") were forced to migrate to other
regions of Poland and Bieszczady became a deserted land,
full of abandoned villages, ruined churches and forgotten
graveyards. Now, despite the situation changed, Bieszczady
are still one of the wildest regions in Poland.
You can also find there a lot of excellent tracks
to test your jeep :)
Krakowsko-Czestochowska upland
One of the most picturesque places in Poland. In the middle ages,
during the reign of king Vladislav Lokietek and his son Casimir the
Great, a lot of castles and guard-towers ("The Eagle Nests") were
built along the old Silesian border. When the border changed,
many of them were abandoned and became ruins,
inhabited only by bats and ghosts...
It is also a land of limestone rocks...
...and many caves